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A brief history of Laudam

When working in the Netherlands in the late 1990s, Nina Laudanska and her enterprising family were struck by the shortage of suitable labour. Unemployment was high in Poland, however Dutch businesses were struggling to find motivated workers. The idea of starting a business to help friends and acquaintances from Poland find work in the Netherlands first saw the light of day in an apartment in Roosendaal.

Poland had not yet joined the European union so free movement of workers between Poland and the Netherlands did not yet apply. However, residents of the south-western region of Poland (Silesia) had both Polish and German passports, meaning that they were allowed to work in the Netherlands without a work permit.

Laudam - a combination of the first few letters of the family name and the last few letters of the names of well-known Dutch cities - was officially incorporated on 8 May 2000. The company, which would go on to help many thousands of people find work, started trading with 7 employees on assignment with 4 customers. And so Laudam Detachering was born.