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Laudam is a job agency

Laudam is an agency for people looking for temporary work


Laudam is a job agency and works with Dutch companies in the Netherlands.

Our employees come from Poland and other Eastern European countries.

Before our employee start working for our customers,  Laudam investigates with the customer about the kind of work and the conditions around the work. 
We also talk about the total period, for example, how many weeks or months the customer needs our people.

When we know what our client exactly needs from our people we start looking for the right candidate.

When we have found a suitable candidate for our customer we start talking with him about the kind of specific training he can follow to fulfil the job. 
Our people always get the choice to follow training if they are interested. 

When we have found a match between the customer and our candidate then we start talking with the customer for an introduction on the work floor.

When our candidate starts the first week working for the customer, Laudam will invest in the start-up like translating documents and explaining details to our worker about the workplace. 

Our worker will be accompanied by one of the planners from Laudam to help him to learn about the company and to start with the new job.

For Laudam it is very important that our people like the job and feel comfortable at the workplace.

Our people can contact Laudam 7 days per week, 24 hours per day, when he has any kind of problem work or non work related, Laudam will always try to help you.