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Are you looking for a job in 
the food industry?

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Food industry

We are looking for:

People to sort, -pack and repack fruits and vegetables

People to pack different kinds of food like sweets and biscuits

People who are prepared to work in a very cold environment to pack and repack food



We will pay your salary according to the payment system of the customer.

The work can be for a long period or only for a short period, this depends on the agreement we make with our customer.

You will receive help/assistance from Laudam during your stay in Holland

If you need to you can live in our houses


Employee requirements:


Motivation is very important

You have to be a team player because you work and live together with your colleagues

It is an advantage that you speak a little English, German or Dutch

It is also an advantage that you have a driver license


Extra information’s:


Laudam gives you the possibility to login into our computer system with your own password to check your personal information like hour registration and salary information.

You can receive detailed information if you dial: 0031165393398


Register now, we would like to work with you!