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Frequent asked questions:

Q: What kind of contract will I receive?

A: It is a temporary contract only, for the total period needed by the customer

Q: I only speak my native language; do you have a job for me?

A: Yes we have a job for you but when you speak a little English, German or Dutch, there is a bigger chance we have work for you

Q: Can I live in my own house?

A: Yes you can live in your own house

Q: Can I come together with my partner and/or friends?

A: Yes you can, but we cannot guarantee you will live in the same house and work for the same customer and we also cannot guarantee you will have the same working hours

Q: With what kind of transport will I go to my work?

A:  We will arrange your transport without any costs to you. We have bicycles, small cars and busses

Q: Is there any insurance organized for me?

A: In Holland you are obliged to have a medical insurance. Laudam can offer you a special collective medical insurance. The cost of the insurance is about € 100,00 net per month.

Q: When will my salary be paid?

A: We pay your salary every 4 weeks.

Q: When do I receive a salary sheet/summary?

A: Laudam gives you the possibility to login into our computer system with your own password to check your salary information.

Q: How much money will I earn?

A: We will pay your salary according to the payment system of the customer.

Q: Can I receive a pre payment of my salary?

A: Yes you can receive a pre payment of your salary, but only when we can put it on your bank account. We will not pay cash.

Q: When do I receive my holiday payment?

A: You will receive your holiday payment in the month of May, December or at the moment when you stop working for Laudam.

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