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Where can I find
flexible and competent
production workers 24/7?

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We can offer you an excellent service if you are looking for temporary workers for a short or long period, or a few part days. Our account managers will be happy to visit you to discuss your staff requirements, following which we select the right candidates in order to satisfy your needs.
We generally succeed in providing workers immediately, i.e. within hours of receiving your request. So, even when a staff shortage arises unexpectedly, e.g. when one of your employees falls ill, we make sure that the work still gets done!

One of our office employees, generally your designated account manager, always accompanies your new temporary worker on the first working day to make sure that you get off to a flying start. If requested/necessary, we also provide translations of work instructions, safety rules and hygiene rules. Obviously, Laudam also organises transport to and from the workplace.