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How can I quickly find
flexible and available
workers for the food industry?

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At Laudam, we constantly search for suitable candidates in order to satisfy demand for flexible staff. We nearly always have specific vacancies for which you can apply, however, even if you do not immediately see a job which appeals to you, we would still like to invite you to contact our recruiters. This is because we are likely to find the ideal match at some time in the future and we can react faster if we have already met. Furthermore, we can look for a suitable position for you based on your qualities and help both you and customer at the same time!

We know how things work in the Netherlands. We can offer you suitable work and we arrange transport, living accommodation and professional guidance. A hands-on mentality and a positive attitude to work are all we expect of you. Laudam is a certified temporary employment agency which takes its people’s wishes and concerns seriously.