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Quality marks and certification are an additional guarantee of quality

Building a close relationship with our customers is essential to our business, so - in addition to honouring each and every agreement we make with you - ensuring that everything we do complies fully with valid Dutch legislation and regulations is vitally important. This means that we adhere to the relevant Collective Labour Agreements, the Minimum Wage Act and the Foreign Workers (Employment) Act. Every three months, we send you a payment history statement issued by the Tax and Customs Administration as confirmation that Laudam pays all the mandatory social contributions and taxes according to the rules. In addition, you can use our escrow account (blocked account). We are accredited in accordance with the following quality marks and certificates.


Laudam has complied with NEN-4400-1 since 2007. This standard - which has been drawn up by the temporary agency work sector, together with businesses and professional organisations - is designed to ensure that taxation and social contributions are paid in good time and that the agency workers are entitled to work in the Netherlands.


Like all NEN certified companies, Laudam is also listed in the public register of the Foundation for Labour Standards (SNA). The SNA quality mark applies to all temporary employment agencies and labour contractors (and subcontractors).

VCU (SCT) is the Health and Safety Checklist for Temporary Employment Agencies and focuses on occupational health and safety in combination with a management system. SCT certification applies to companies which provide temporary agency staff for SCC certified businesses. The latter companies often engage in high-risk activities in a hazardous environment. Laudam's SCT certificate demonstrates that its health and safety management system operates effectively.


Laudam has been a member of the NBBU, the Dutch Association of Intermediary Organisations and Temporary Employment Agencies since 2015. The temporary employment agencies which are members of this industry association of professional intermediaries in the labour market comply with the highest administration and organisation quality standards.

Companies can demonstrate that the accommodation they provide for migrant workers complies with acceptable standards by applying for the SNF quality mark. The Foundation for Flexible Housing standards (SNF) oversees registers of companies which comply with the standard for housing migrant workers and keeps these standards up-to-date. As you would expect, Laudam has SNF certification.