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What we can do for you …

Are you looking for flexible and motivated temporary staff? If so, we are your ideal partner! Thanks to our Polish origins, we have access to an extensive potential workforce from which we select suitable candidates for your sector.
Laudam speaks your language and is aware of the requirements in your industry. We provide temporary employees who can be deployed immediately because they possess the required expertise and experience. Our people are hands-on and hard-working. Our people make the difference!


Requirement for temporary staff with 24/7 availability?

Whatever your requirement - one employee or ten employees, for 4 hours or 40 hours a week - we arrange it for you!
If you need to cope with (seasonal) workload peaks and want to scale up flexibly, we respond equally flexibly by increasing the temporary labour capacity available to you and reducing it again as soon as you require.
We can also guarantee delivery of suitable people for requirements which are often more difficult to satisfy, such as shift work and work during the night and at the weekend. Laudam's team is there for you, every day of the year!


Laudam is the leading brand in flexible labour

Since we started trading in the year 2000, Laudam has always focused on the human dimension. We invest in our people and in the relationship with you. In line with that philosophy, we assign you an account manager who learns every aspect of your business and ensures that the temporary employees we offer you always match your requirements seamlessly.
Obviously, all our activities comply with valid legislation and regulations. We have appropriate certification and quality accreditation (see the section on quality labels and certification), but above all, we offer suitable people across a broad spectrum of industries. Laudam guarantees an ideal match.

Why companies choose Laudam ...

Flexible staff with
24/7 availability

Part-day assignments
are also possible

Professional and

We can always be reached on
+31 (0)165 - 39 33 98

Laudam is active in the following business sectors

We have an excellent and long-standing track record in the sectors shown below. This strong base is the result of years of successful service provision, which we continue to refine and develop. You have the work, we have the people!


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Metal industry

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Food industry

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Packaging companies

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Farming sector

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We have...


vacancies within various companies

Our team of account managers has a suitable solution for all sectors

We are at home in many sectors. If your sector or type of company is not listed, please make an appointment with our account managers and prepare yourself for a pleasant surprise: our people are eager to learn and highly versatile.

Customer testimonials …

We are available 24/7

Some of our customers operate continuous shift systems. Because staff capacity planning is not limited to office hours, particularly in the case of these customers, we can be contacted by customers and our employees 24 hours a day. We work on your behalf at the times when you require support.
Laudam assigns a designated account manager to each customer to ensure that you always talk to the same familiar person. Two familiar people in fact, because each account manager has a permanent back-up.

Nina Laudanska

Managing Director

Miranda Breeman

Sales Support

Jarek Socha

Planning Manager

Tomasz Myszewski


Ania Kopczynska


Ewa Mysior

Payroll Manager

Kasia Majchrowicz

Facilities Manager

Piotr Jaskowiec

Driver, planning assistant

Our experienced team of account managers looks forward to sparring with you …

We have people available for you for nearly all mainstream positions. If you are looking for a specialised professional (male/female), we initiate a search for you through the national and international networks which we have built up carefully over the years. To offer you the best possible service, we would like to acquaint ourselves fully with your business so that we can satisfy your needs even more effectively in the future. Please call us for an (introductory) appointment.

We work to achieve and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

At Laudam, we have both internal and external customers and strive to achieve maximum customer satisfaction in both cases. Our people are expected to deliver adequate performance for you and they can only do so if we facilitate them effectively.
Honouring agreements, keeping promises and telling people what you will do - this approach generates positive word-of-mouth advertising and is a strong base for growth. We like to aim high because this challenges us to improve on a continual basis. If you have any suggestions or comments, please give us constructive feedback - it can only improve our relationship. We are only satisfied when you are and even then, we still always try to exceed your expectations.

How can we help you?

Do you have vacancies for qualified staff? Look no further, because we have the right people for you and they can start immediately. Many of our employees are now B-SCC certified to allow smooth deployment for SCC certified companies. Regardless of whether you are looking for experienced professionals for specialised tasks, or for ‘extra hands’ in the harvesting season, or for production and packaging work, our broad selection of staff ensures that you always find what you need at Laudam.

We will be pleased to help

We are there for you and we work on your behalf! Our account managers have SCT accreditation (VCU-VIL for managers and consultants) and are fully qualified to advise you on different forms of collaboration. They expertly find a match between your requirement for flexible staff and our people. Call us to make an appointment with a conscientious and focused sparring partner who ensures that everything goes exactly according to plan. Our people help you get ahead.