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How can I quickly find
flexible and available
workers for the food industry?

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Food industry

We know what requirements employees in the food industry have to satisfy. Production and packaging tasks have to be performed with extreme care and attention to detail, and in accordance with all valid hygiene regulations.
Not everybody is suitable for work of this type because it requires a specific mind set. You have to understand that you are an important link in the food chain and that any inattention on your part can lead to a public health hazard and possibly put your company’s future at risk. To ensure that we select the right people for you, we identify the nature of the work first, how it needs to be carried out and what qualifications are required. Is it production line work, does it involve sitting or standing, operating production equipment or a packing machine, or some other task? We provide workers who appreciate that the strict rules in this sector must be observed at all times.

How can we help you?

Do you have vacancies for qualified staff? Look no further, because we have the right people for you and they can start immediately. Many of our employees are now B-SCC certified to allow smooth deployment for SCC certified companies. Regardless of whether you are looking for experienced professionals for specialised tasks, or for ‘extra hands’ in the harvesting season, or for production and packaging work, our broad selection of staff ensures that you always find what you need at Laudam.

We will be pleased to help

We are there for you and we work on your behalf! Our account managers have SCT accreditation (VCU-VIL for managers and consultants) and are fully qualified to advise you on different forms of collaboration. They expertly find a match between your requirement for flexible staff and our people. Call us to make an appointment with a conscientious and focused sparring partner who ensures that everything goes exactly according to plan. Our people help you get ahead.